Our Lady of Grace

Annual General Meeting

Monday 15th May 2017

Parish Hall @ 1900




In accordance with item 7.3 of our Parish Constitution notice is hereby given to the effect that the 2017 Parish Annual General Meeting is convened to take place on Monday 15th May @ 1900 in the Parish Hall.


There are a number of vacancies on the Parish Council due to retirements and resignations and the details for proposing candidates and the electoral procedure will be posted after Easter.





(Chair, Parish Council)

Given this 13th day of Aril 2017

Clergy Support Fund Campaign Presentation

A priest will normally retire from full time parish ministry when he reaches 75 years of age. Many continue to work in some form of ministry. When a priest resigns from his parish ministry or a full time ecclesiastical appointment the Diocesan Finance Office establishes his likely income and needs on an individual basis and ensures he has sufficient financial resources to afford the necessities of life, live in properly heated and adequately maintained accommodation and can pay for some recreation and travel.

There are currently 70 retired priests in our Diocese and this number is expected to increase to about 93 by 2018. The costs of supporting them are currently met by the Diocese, partly through an annual contribution from each parish, but the increase in numbers will create more pressure on these costs. A summary of the costs, income and shortfall over five years is given below.

Archbishop Peter Smith has therefore identified the need to continue to support sick and retired priests as a major priority for our Diocese. There will be more important news about the campaign in next week’s newsletter. Watch out for a special day of presentation as directed by Archbishop Peter Smith


  Sick and retired diocesan priests – Summary of Income and Costs          

      Year                                              2014                                  2018

Estimated number of retired priests                         70                                        93

Estimated Income                                            495,000                                 495,000

Estimated Expenditure                                     1,297,000                              1,477,000

Shortfall                                                            802,000                                982,000

Cumulative shortfall over 5 years                                                                  4,505,000

The OLG Sunday Morning Choir - new members welcome!

This Special Choir led by Ed and Bethan is for children & young adults aged 6 to 18, and sings at the 10am Sunday Mass every 3 weeks. New members are always welcome! The next date for singing is 6th November. Please arrive at 9:30 for rehearsal. Email: ed@greenwichmusicschool.org.uk for more information.

Are you 6 to 18?

Are you preparing for 1st Holy Communion or Confirmation?

Do you want to join the Children and young Adult choir for 10am Sunday Mass? 

This is the time to join.

See poster at the back of the church for the date of next Children / Youth choir. 


Thanks For Your Generosity


If you pay UK Income Tax joining the Parish Gift Aid scheme will enable the parish claim back up to 25% of the tax on your offerings. Contact Chris O’Connell or one of the priests for more information.



Universal: Young People in Africa

That young people in Africa may have access to education and work in their own countries.


The OLG Sunday Morning Choir - new members welcome!

This Special Choir is for children adults, and sings at the 10am Sunday Mass every Sunday. New members are always welcome!  




Do YOU have a trade, skill, talent which you are willing to use to support your parish?

If so please fill the Parish Registration Form with your details and indicate on the rear which areas you can help with.

If we can do things for ourselves it can be better and cheaper Please support your Parish.

We need Cathechists for the childrens liturgy and also Readers and Eucharistic Ministers for the 5.30 pm Saturday Vigil Mass.

We also need people to help to clean the church. This is done twice a month (every 1st Saturday and 3rd Saturday of the month at 2.00pm). One can volunteer for any of those days.


   Food Bank Collection

The Food Bank constantly needs supplies of non perishable food for those who need help and when they call at the presbytery. Please ensure goods are not out of date as we cannot use them.